What is a Logo and how it helps your business?

A logo is a combination of shapes, text, and images that represent the name and purpose of your business. A logo should be more than only a symbol of identification, if the design is unique it will represent the company’s vision and story. Your logo is also the fastest way to connect your company to your target audience, helping them to recognize your business anywhere they see your logo.

What do you do with a Logo?

You can represent your business or brand. Your logo will do all the heavy lifting for your business.

A logo also:

    1. Makes a great first impression for your brand 

    1. Helps you to create a brand identity

    1. Gives your company a unique symbol that helps users to remember you

    1. Diferentiate you from competitors

    1. Creates brand loyalty

What is a Logo made of?


they’re the core communicators of your message. They tell your audience if you’re playful or serious, innovative unique, cutting-edge or timeless and stable. Your logo color palette can be made up of a single color or several (although we recommend staying within a two- or three-color combination). The colors you pick will later seep into other branding materials you create as well, so choose wisely! (Check out this post for more about what your logo colors mean).


This is the font “letter style” used to develop the name in the logo that represrnts your project or company; typography includes the letters you’d see in a logo, arranged in some kind of consistent design. You’ll find logos built around a single letter, a monogram, or even the full name of a business.

Mascot or Image

A mascot or image can range from the simplest arrow to a detailed rendition of an abstract orangutan. It can be an icon, a symbol – perhaps a picture that represents something you sell or a value you stand for.

This will be part of the image of your company and will help your audience identify your company

Genicks Giter

Usually located under the logo, a slogan or tagline is commonly a sentence or catchphrase designed to connect with your audience or tell everyone what your company does.

A logo don’t need a slogan or tagline, but it’s something to consider when designing your logo.

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