Ways Your Business can Give Back to your local Community

MetLife and U.S. Chamber Small Business Index asked some small business owners about their contribution to their community. Most of these businesses were worried about their economic situation but this didn’t stop them from giving back to their local community.

Also, most of these businesses have a mission statement that includes giving back to their community and they have mentioned they have the following ways to give back:

Volunteer Work

You can help your community by allowing your employees to volunteer hours with paid volunteer time, you can create teams to participate in events. This will not only build team strength but it will also increase employee satisfaction while benefiting the community.

Get t-shirts, caps and a tablet cloth and visit your community! if you really want to get involve VolunteerMatch is a great website to get matched to a volunteer opportunity in your own community.

Partnerships with local nonprofits

As a small business, you can support the cause of a non for profit, supporting them means you may want to contribute by sponsoring an event or by donating your product or service. This not only will help you give back to the community but it will also help you increase your business visibility while attracting potential customers who enjoy your community involvement

Reach out to your local nonprofits, then make sure to tell your customers and employees about your partnership this way they can help you support the cause, for great nonprofits go to:  Great Nonprofits® .

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