Digital Advertising

We know that growing a business is challenging, that’s why at Genicks, Inc our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed in their dreams. We’re a Strategic Marketing, Advertising, and Web Design Agency that helps small business owners start their online presence in minutes. Genicks automatically starts working on your campaign making sure that your profiles follow your project identity so that you can grow your business (and make more money) with extra hands in your marketing department.

With Genicks, entrepreneurs can work in their business worry free leaving marketing to us. We promote their businesses on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to attract more customers in just a few clicks from a phone.

Promoting your services can be expensive and budgets are limited when you are just starting. At Genicks, we know how important it is to have an online presence and we make sure that we can work with any budget and any type of business.

Our goal is to make you unique and help you get more clients, more business, and more money. Each of our services helps scale your business and keep active and in the mind of your customers helping them to find you easily and choose you above everybody else when making decisions about the services you provide.

You can start by sending an email to and telling us about your needs. Or we can have a conversation just give us a call 718-942-7373.

Or you can reach out to us via social media @GenicksInc.